"Letters to You" Journal - An ivory cream cover that has a stamp style title that reads "Letters to You" and a label that starts "Write a letter to your child each year". Has a bookmark ribbon.
"Letters to You" Journal - An open spread that reads "Your Ninth Year" "You are starting to show how grown up you are by:" "One struggle you have overcome is:" "One thing that always comes easily to you is" "You amazing me when you:" "One thing I'll always remember about this year with you:" and this spread has lined pages with room for writing.

"Letters to You" Journal

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"Letters to You" Journal | Write a letter to your child each year, dreams, wishes, and cherished memories of your child belong in a special place. Capture them all here in this cloth-bound keepsake book, filled with 18 years’ worth of prompts, questions, and space to write a letter each year of their childhood. Present on a graduation or wedding day for a beautifully personal and heartfelt gift.

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