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I make small-batch pottery in Rochester, NY. Handcrafted from my home studio.

The interaction between someone who buys my pottery and how it makes them feel is why I'm driven each day to create.  I am deeply pulled by the hope of bringing people together through my work. I feel that there is a common thread amongst everyone despite our many differences. some people make themselves one peaceful cup of coffee in their favorite handmade mug to start an otherwise hectic day. others cook dinners for their family and serve it on a platter that I had the honor of making. regardless of how we ritualize, we do these things as an act of love and devotion to the people we cherish and things we deeply believe in.

Each time I set out to make a new piece, I also perform a certain set of steps that  is a ritual all its own. now, more than ever, I am inspired by the things that connect us and the moments that allow us to celebrate the goodness of life. whether big or small, ritual is how we show the world who we are and what we love. 

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