Citrus Floral Centerpiece

Florist Rochester NY
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This speckled ceramic bowl is filled with colorful seasonal blooms and branches with accents of citrus.  Creating fresh bright fragrance along with it's cheerful color selection.

Flowers+ Candles includes the arrangement and the candle described below.

Golden Honeysuckle

"A darling addition to the Go Be Lovely collection, the Lidded Ceramic features a custom, hand painted pattern with a bold colored base across all five collection fragrances. A brushed metal lid adds just the right amount of glam while doubling as a candle snuffer and wax protector."


Luminous fragrance notes of nectar-rich honeysuckle, tender neroli blossoms, and cashmere-soft woods.

BURN TIME: 50 Hours
FILL WEIGHT: 11.1 oz/315g