Myrtle LED Vintage Edison Bulb | This is a vintage style bulb, circular with ridges.

Myrtle LED Vintage Edison Bulb

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Myrtle LED Vintage Edison Bulb | Inspired by turn of the century industrial lighting and Thomas Edison’s earliest electrical accomplishments, the Myrtle Bulb features a single, G25 pumpkin glass and brass light bulb with energy-efficient LED filaments in a “squirrel cage” formation. While LEDs have garnered a reputation for emitting harsh light, these bulbs are unique in that they have been specifically modified to mimic the glow of an incandescent bulb. With these adjustments, you can seamlessly swap these LEDs for average bulbs, reaping the energy-saving benefits while still enjoying the quality of design.

The Myrtle LED is one style among the Brooklyn Collection of vintage-inspired bulbs with various filament styles and glass shapes. These bulbs are intended to be paired with thoughtfully pared-down, exposed-socket fixtures, allowing the bulb to take center stage for a warm aesthetic that is both nostalgic and modern.

  • Features a glass and brass light bulb in an antique finish with hand-woven, energy-efficient LED filaments in a squirrel cage formation
  • Boasts a unique G25 shape - globe-shaped, with pumpkin-like ridges
  • Standard base size of E26 - suited for most sockets
  • 4W and an estimated 25,000 hours of use; the long LED lifespan means no maintenance - install it and leave it
  • On the color temperature scale, this bulb reads at 2200K. It is a soft, warm white - perfect for spaces meant to be cozy and inviting
  • Dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light to your desired ambiance

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