Are you a succa for succulents? | Houseplant spotlight

Are you a succa for succulents? | Houseplant spotlight

                                        Let’s talk about succulents!

 Their distinct plump leaves have a soft feel and if you squeeze them, they feel like they might pop! They get their name from the Latin word “sucus” which means sap. That is exactly what they are, sap filled leaves, they hold all their nutrients and water in their leaves so they do not need water super frequently.


potted succulent garden houseplant  

Succulents also occur in ton of different colors, basically all colors of the rainbow. Also don’t confuse these guys for cactus, however all cactus are succulents, but not all varieties of succulents are cactus,

.....confusing I know.

green small succulents houseplants

How should you care for these plump princesses? To answer that question, easily! Light is important to succulents, about six hours or more of sun will suffice, however newer growing succulents can sunburn if they are too close to a window. If your succulents are by a window, make sure they are turned weekly to ensure all sides are getting enough of that healthy sunshine! If they start reaching toward the window, that means it want to move closer to the window.

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They need water about once a week, making sure they are not drenched or sitting in water.


Remember these babes store water in their leaves and like to dry out between watering's. Like most plants ensuring the leaves are not covered in dust is just as important as watering, therefore weekly wipe down the leaves with a damp paper towel. If your succulent starts to outgrow the pop it is in, make sure you choose succulent and cactus soil when repotting!


succulent garden houseplants

 Decorating with these cuties is an easy way to brighten up a space. A succulent cactus garden can be an interesting, funky centerpiece idea or let the succulents shine themselves.

Either way, having succulents in your home or office is sure to brighten your day.