Business to business flower programs

Benefits of flowers in your business

"Science has proven that flowers have the ability to reduce negativity, depression, and anxiety while improving the cognitive function at the same time. In an office environment, these benefits can translate to a more innovative thinking and a better problem-solving capabilities. In the end, it is you—the company—who will profit from your employees’ increased happiness level."



Delmonte spa entry piece with orchids taken by Tammy Swales Photography

Photo by Tammy Swales Photography branding images for The Spa at the Del Monte 

Avvino Private dining space styled with blooms for an event

Photo by Tomas Flint of restyle for Avvino Rochester

Business to Business program 

Arbor at the Port hanging installation done by Stacy K Floral

Hanging installation for Arbor at the Port 

Price structure

We provide premium fresh floral at a 30% reduction of retail cost. Also included is a complimentary consultation to create the perfect look and plan for your space.  We also extend a 10% discount to your business and staff. 

Stacy K Delivery van taken by Erich Camping at Woodcliff Hotel and spa

Photo by Erich Camping

how often

With our subscription style program you can choose to receive deliveries weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly. You can also cancel at anytime. We can accommodate plant design, everlasting design and installations as well as fresh floral displays. 

Avvinyes sign at avvino with everlasting orange trees

Photo by Tomas Flint

cross promotion

This program is ideal for brands we believe in and that believe in us. When our clients want to know where to eat in town, where to get their brows done, who does the nicest manicure. We will be talking about you!  And we ask that in return of you. 

city of rochester logo with poppy

Collaboration Requests

  • Our Cards accessible to patrons or clients 
  • Staff is knowledgeable of the business to business relationship and feels comfortable speaking about it to people that may inquire
  • Social media this week's arrangement?  SHARE IT!! Our handle is @stacykfloral on Facebook, and Instagram. 
  • Let people know how much you love your blooms and the program.
  • ADDED BONUS : Our team does all of the above for you as well.

Biophilia hypothesis,

def: idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. 

Orchid and pineapple luxury floral arrangement in a grey organic vase for flower delivery.

We value our business relationships and want to create lasting collaborations  that elevates brands. 

Lets get together.

Nosh Restaurant entry way planters planted by Stacy K Floral

Other services we offer

Business Styling

Business Design Consulting

Plant Programs

Large Scale Custom Installations

Country Club Floral Programs

Holiday Decorating

Everlasting wall install by stacy K floral. Green wall, plant wall, Plant art


Do I have to sign a contract?

For a recurring floral or plant program we just ask that we have great communication to fine tune the perfect program for you. You are free to cancel at anytime by calling the studio or emailing us at  Custom projects do require a contract and often a deposit as well.

How do I set it up?

We will assign a designer or customer care specialist to work through all the details with you and get things set up. 

Can I use my own containers?

Yes, of course we love working with vessels that you have already fell in love with.