Becoming Boss by ROC Girl Gang

Becoming Boss by ROC Girl Gang

Little recap of my fun becoming boss experience. Click here to get the full scoop over on ROC Girl gang. Also the lovely images are by Katie Finnerty.

When Sarah reached out to me to do a key note speech my initial shy girl said oh no but my boss girl voice said yes of course. .....I am honored for the opportunity. What a lovely and uplifting experience this was. The Rochester community is so blessed to have so many talented lady entrepreneurs creating an environment of community over competition. There were even women that traveled from Buffalo and other surrounding areas. Sarah Knight is a true gem and doing something so lovely here.
I thought I would highlight some of the items I chatted about by sharing my top ten. These are the top ten things I wish someone had told me or that I think are very valuable as you become a boss.

1. Surround your self with positive people that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Just yesterday I asked one of my long time friends Tammy Swales. I have to talk to all these amazing women what can I possibly have to share with them. Her response I quote. "You could stand up there in your underwear and fart and throw rose petals and everyone would think you’re amazing." Thank goodness I didn’t take her advise and I don’t necessarily believe her but being a shy girl growing up confidence was not something I excelled in. You need cheerleaders sometimes. It gets hard, I would have self doubt, what am I doing, why am I working this hard? Cheerleaders get your head back in the game.

2. Following your passion is equally rewarding and hard. For me I really really love what I do but I missed a lot of events and wasn’t there for a lot of things from 25 to 31. Friday nights I was in making arrangements getting ready for my clients events. But the vision, the goal was more important than that moment to me. Don’t get me wrong I had fun but I made sacrifices to get where I wanted to be.
3. Learn to sell. Get a waitress job, bartend, take a sales job do something that teaches you how to sell any product...if you can sell a product you don't believe in with all your heart it will be far easier to sell a product that you believe in with your everything.

4. Find some mentors. One of the best things one of my mentors taught me is to stop and look at your business from the outside in at least 6 times a year. What’s your customer experience? How do they see you, your email, your space, your appearance. It’s a valuable tool to look at your business this way.
5. Stay humble. Don’t get to big for your britches, you will make mistakes. You will hurt relationships and it will be hard to recover. Always be grateful for the blessing and opportunities that come your way and never take them for granted.
6. There is always room to learn. More education prevents burnout, it helps recharge and keeps you relevant.
7. There’s only one you. You can give several creatives the same recipe but each result will turn out different.

8. Know the value of your time and where it’s best used. And know what your good at. When I opened the studio on Park I knew I needed help but where and how I had no idea. Thank goodness Danielle my studio manager and basically sister from another mother stumbled into my life. 7 years later she probably should be telling you how to be become a boss, not me.
9. What to do when people start saying your expensive? This used to really hurt my feelings especially if it was industry peers. What I have come to realize and encourage the person saying that about my company, is consider, am I expensive or are you cheap? I have 22 years in the industry and 14 years of owning Stacy K Floral. It costs money to run a business and have a team to support it. If you are looking at your competitors and saying they are expensive, you are using a valuable resource completely incorrectly. What you should be saying is, how do I establish my brand to demand the pricing this competitor is achieving. What’s my plan what is my mission to reach the industry standard.

10. Attack fear. When you feel fear or are out of your comfort zone, something really scares you, make yourself do it and push through. Each time it will get easier. I call it a muscle that needs to be strengthened. You will start to brake down the walls that are holding you back.
Grateful, humble and energized from this experience.....please know you are never alone on this journey....there are others here sharing it with you. Sarah keep doing this amazing thing and thank you for all that you do for this community of women leaders and giving them such a strong voice.
Stacy k