Blue thistle | Flower Spotlight

Blue thistle | Flower Spotlight

Blue thistle is a prickly, funky, futuristic flower with so much character!

Blue is a hard color to find naturally so we hold on to these real close!

Pretty strange that blue thistle is considered a weed. Weeds does not always mean bad, though! We are so happy for these weeds. It is actually part of the parsley family and is related to fennel and anise.

Thistle is spikey to the touch and has a ball like bloom. It is naturally a silvery, blue hue and looks great in so many different things. Alone these guys may seem a little intimidating but we love these in almost everything we make! We especially love them in boutonnieres and bridal bouquets. This flower is pretty unisex for its versatility .They provide that needed uniqueness that all flower arrangements should have. We recommend having them come out a little higher that the other blooms for some shape.

Thistle is extremely hardy and can even be dried. When they are in a fresh cut arrangement we recommend changing then water everyday and trimming the stems regularly to ensure freshness. To use them in a dried arrangement, such as a dried wreath or door swag you should hang them upside down until dry. If they lose their blue color just spritz them with a little spray paint!

We have these babes in the studio pretty regularly so ask us about the thistle we have in stock.