Business Floral Program | Rochester NY Flower Delivery

Business Floral Program | Rochester NY Flower Delivery

We've gotten a ton of questions lately regarding flowers and businesses in Rochester, so we thought it would be good to highlight some of the awesomeness that is our Business Floral Program!


photo by Mary Corcoran

Business Floral Program | Rochester NY Flower Delivery
what is it?
  • the program can create a custom designed space with fresh floral accents
  • the business will receive weekly, biweekly or monthly fresh floral options that are in accordance to their specific needs
  • our designers create décor for galas, fundraising event, workplace parties, and other special events that the business might need
  • having holiday and everlasting custom décor can set the stage for any season
why for the business?
  • flowers make intimate connections with potential clients’ subconscious and conscious minds, setting the business apart from the competition
  • ever changing fresh floral and décor enhances the ambiance of the workplace environment
  • and the business is gaining a trusted partner within Stacy K Floral, a design team with an artistic eye that will produce innovative and noticeable results for their space

So whether you own a business, manage one, or know someone who does.... now you know what we at Stacy K Floral can do for businesses. That was simple. :)