Close up on a centerpiece arrangement with pinks, greens, and oranges.

Butterfly Summer | Izzy + Kyle

Izzy and Kyle's whimsical butterfly wedding at Our lady of Victory church is to die for! We had a blast planning and designing every floral element from the bridal bouquet to the backdrops. The bridal bouquet is a stunning example of what the prompt fairytale garden means. 

A greenery and butterfly focused welcome sign with branching. Whimsical and natural feel. Pink sign with green, blue, purple, and yellow butterflies.
Detail shot of white low heels against a background of butterflies and branching.
Getting ready shot of the bride and her mother. Background is floral, greenery and butterflies in a blue, green, and purple color palette.
Shot of the bride and groom in front of the bridal party. Bridal party is in a variety of colored dresses within the wedding color palette (pink, orange, green, yellow, blue). Bride is holding a cascading bridal bouquet
Stand alone shot of the bride in front of her bridal party. She is in a white dress with a cascading bouquet of purple, yellow, brown, and orange.
A forced perspective shot of the bridesmaids. Showcases their cascading bouquets with purple, red, green, and yellow. Bride is in the center.
Bride and groom together with the whimsical bridal bouquet and climbing boutonniere.
Bride and groom look at each other will sitting in the church.
Close up on the dinner menu with a watercolor iris decorating the side. Floral centerpiece in the background with floral, greenery, and moss.
The sweetheart table with a pink table cloth, florals framing the bottom and a floral backdrop. The table gives off a whimsical fairytale garden aesthetic. Purple lights are lit to add to the atmosphere.
Floral centerpieces down the table center. The centerpieces are pink, orange, purple, and green.
Wide room shot showing both the tall and short centerpieces as well as the table settings and sweetheart tables in the background.
Close up on the tall centerpiece. It is on a stand lifting above the table. The arrangement is lush with greenery and accent colors such as pink and purple. It is in a whimsical fairytale garden style.
Dessert table photo cake and gold stands decorated with branching and paper butterflies.


Venue: Our Lady of Victory Church

Photography: Erich Camping

Hair and Makeup: A Little Off The Top Salon

Dessert: Jackson's Bakery

Food: Avvino