Orchid plant with colorful blooms in a pot

Change of plants | Let's talk about Orchids!

Orchids are a beautiful delicate flowering plant with tons of character.  

Purple orchid in pot

They are unique because they do not need soil to grow, yet they can grow in bark! There are over 25,000 different species on Orchids all around the world. Orchids are one of the rare flowers that blooms in almost every color, even naturally occurring blue orchids have been discovered (blue is a very rare naturally occurring color in flowers).

Orchids are often sought after for their long-lasting blooms that can bloom for over a month or longer.

Orchids also provide us with vanilla! Yes, the vanilla extract that you put in your cookies, it comes from a variety of Orchid.


yellow orchid with small beautiful blooms

     We are often asked at the studio how to properly care for these exotic beauties. Individuals will think when the blooms fall off the plant is dead, it is not! They only bloom 1-2 times a year and the plant should be watered regardless of the loss of blooms. Although there are a lot of different opinions, we recommend soaking the root system in medium warm water and letting it FULLY drain before putting it back in the pot, it should never be sitting in water.

 General Orchid Care Infographic

Orchids prefer bright light to indirect light, however, placing them to close to the window can sunburn and damage the plants. The leaves should be bright green and sturdy which indicates a healthy plant, regardless of how many blooms there are!

small purple orchid in pink pot


Do not deprive yourself of this delicate, long lasting bloom. They can be the perfect addition to a kitchen table or office desk if the light is appropriate. In our studio, we often have potted orchids and fresh cut stems.

Orchid hair flowers

orchid with peony and mum arrangement

The fresh cut stems, such as cymbidium can last freshly cut for up to six weeks! Cymbidiums are one of the longest lasting blooms we keep in the studio. Not all varieties last that long, however, they still hold the same beauty.

pink orchid with blue vase and dried feathers

They can be used alone in a vase and hold their own or be used with other blooms to create an exotic looking arrangement.

Do yourself a favor and experience the beauty of owning orchids!