Dahlias | Flower spotlight

Dahlias | Flower spotlight

These beauties are a fan favorite!

These ruffled summer gems are short lived but bring beauty to every piece they are in.

They date back to the time of the Aztecs and have evolved ever since into the modern dahlias we love and know today. They are native to Mexico and central America.

There are now over 200 species with an abundance of colors, shapes and textures.

However, there are about six or so varieties we see in the studio. They are great flowers to have in the garden that have long hollow stems that have been found to grow up to 20 feet tall! They are perennials and start blooming mid to late summer and stay blooming until the first frost in the fall.

They are a great flower for almost everything! They are a very popular wedding flower, especially the ‘Dinner Plate’ dahlias that’s blooms can get up to fifteen inches wide! Dinner plates stems can also grow up to 5 feet tall. That is ideal when a focal bloom is needed, like in a bridal bouquet.

We have tons of local dahlia farmers that bring us these summer beauties throughout the season. We love being able to see all the varieties because there sure are tons of colors of dahlias, although our favorites must be the variegated ones!

These babes are highly sought after so if you see we have them in stock, scoop them up!