Delphinium | Flower spotlight

Delphinium | Flower spotlight

These tall blue beauties are hard to miss!

You may see these sticking out of a garden or even an arrangement you have received from us.

They come in many colors including red, pink, white and yellow but out favorite is the blue delphinium! Blue is a very rare color to find naturally occurring in flowers, so when blue flowers are requested, they are one of our first choices.

There are around 300 different species of this flower.

Their fun name originates from Greece, where they said the flower looks like a dolphin’s nose! There are many varieties that we get into the studio. One of our most unique and funky varieties is the Pacific Giant which can grow up to six feet fall! That is even tall for a person. They are a unique flower because they have tons of little blooms to make up one big colorful and full stem of flowers.

When we use delphinium in our floral arrangements, we consider them a focal flower because of their height and color. They are used in pieces where height is important. So, it is typical to see delphinium in special event pieces such as church services, weddings and grand entry pieces. They can be used alone in a vase for a tall elegant feel or used with other flowers to add height or color!

In the summer months, we often have local growers bring us this magical beauty to enjoy!