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Design Crush: Styles of Old Reinvented
Have you noticed lately how heavily the influence of treasures and art forms of the past are driving the designs of today? Whether it is being literal with vintage pieces or figurative by taking an art form of the past and reinventing it anew, I see it every day in the designs that influence my life. Classic styles becoming new again. Hence: Design crush, Styles of old reinvented. Rose Gold & Gold: I have a total design crush on all things rose gold and gold. Which I find so interesting because I clearly remember in my college days thinking gold is so dated, why would anyone want gold or rose gold for that matter. It was almost dumping grounds if a boyfriend thought to get me gold, “Don’t you know me at all?”. When thinking of rose gold or gold today I practically beg my husband for rose gold to be included in the next gift if he needs any hints or ideas. Funny how the creative brain adapts to trends and changing styles. One of my favorite rose gold design crushes is ring designer, Heidi Gibson out of LA, her take on vintage style in rose gold and gold settings are stunning. Her designs make you think of the Gatsby times, but reborn into the current styles. Inspired to get those vintage pieces out again?
Floral prints, they are everywhere and I LOVE IT. From wallpaper, to fabrics, even on the runway, floral is back and in a big way. Not the small calico floral I remember as a child, but BIG. Larger-than-life, eye popping floral prints that completely grab your attention. One floral print I have been crushing on for some time is Ellie Cashman out of London. Her floral wallpaper is stunning, larger than life blooms in muted tones, perfect for a soft girly romantic room décor. It almost appears to be a reinvention of a 17th century baroque floral painting masterpiece except instead of a painting you can cover your walls with this art work from floor to ceiling. Coming from a gal surrounded with flowers every day, there could be nothing better than a room that surrounds you in beautiful blooms all the time.
Second Image from Dolce and Gabbana
floralprints floralprints2 Patchwork another art form from the past has been reinvented by companies like Squint in London and Name Design Studio in Turkey. Taking the traditional concept of patchwork quilting to a whole new level with standout furniture. These art pieces are created by taking beautiful fabrics and combining them together in a way that no two are ever alike. Giving quilting a new take on design. These pieces scream with personality, in love!!
patchwork patchwork2 Blooms of the past are making a comeback. Carnations have the worst wrap of any flower I have ever worked with. With the popularity of fluffy blooms like garden roses and peonies, I thought eventually the fluffy blossom of the carnation would start to warm up to people. I was wrong, until a designer friend shared that she was calling them French dianthus, which isn’t a complete lie because carnations are in the dianthus family. You would be shocked at what happened next, people loved them. There are so many new varieties and color shades, and the fluffy petals looks so great in the garden style design that is gaining popularity. The great part is that these are an inexpensive bloom to work with, but if the design is done in a stylized way they now get a new take on life. carnations-flowers-81153-2006
Look into the designs around you, do you have items you could renew or reinvent this spring? Until next time live lovely, love madly, and design freely.