Did someone say hydrangea? | Flower Spotlight

Did someone say hydrangea? | Flower Spotlight

     This showstopper has risen to popularity for is big and bright abundance.

You have probably recognized these beautiful blooms in a park or a front yard or vased arrangement.

Hydrangea come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hydrangea bloom in the spring and in the summer and can get up to 15ft tall, depending on the variety.

They are an easier yard plant to take care of, they grow fast and fill in quickly. Many people will use hydrangea to fill garden space and add depth to their landscaping. They do best with morning sun and can wilt with too much sun, therefore, planting them by a fence or on the side of a house should suffice. They also LOVE water, they do better with plenty of water and fertilizer. Pruning deadwood occasionally after they bloom can ensure longevity of the shrub.

blue flower hydrangea

      Did you know you can control the color of your hydrangea plant? Certain varieties colors can be adjusted through the levels of PH in the soil. Lower PH makes the plant absorb more aluminum, you can do this yourself by adding peat moss or sulfur, therefore you get them to tint blue! You can increase the PH by using limestone and get a pink or fuchsia tint.

        Fresh cut hydrangea is a wonderful to fill a vase or use with other flowers for a bold bushy look! Hydrangea are known for needing a lot of water, which means keeping the water fresh and full is super important to maintaining the bloom for longer.

In the Floral industry, a trick we use is, if you notice the hydrangea head is wilting, directly dip it in Lukewarm water for a minute or so and let dry! The little blooms can absorb water through the top.

Pretty cool, huh?