Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Fresh Friday Spotlight | Eucalyptus

Let's Talk Eucalyptus!

Throughout the winter months and the global pandemic, health has become our top priority.

Not only is our physical health super important at this time but so is our psychological! Discovering new ways to benefit our health can be an amazing, especially if it is a natural remedy. That is why Eucalyptus can be an effective way to boost your mood, immune system and bring a little joy into your space.

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Photo by Alexandra Elise Photography

Cold and Flu season can really take a toll on you and the people around you.

Nothing is worse than being congested on top of all the other symptoms. Eucalyptus has been shown to be a natural and effective way to decongest your sinuses and provide. The most efficient way to get those scents working, is by hanging a bundle with wire or twine in your shower and allowing the steam to do the rest. Another helpful tactic is to boil water and take it off the heat, once it settles for a minute or two, pop in some cut up stems of eucalyptus and safely let it fill up the air with its aroma. The stems hold the scents on their leaves so after touching it, you can even smell it on your fingers.

              Steaming it is not the only way to release Eucalyptus aroma.

You can simply put cut stems in a vase and use it as décor! We have seen people dry it by hanging upside down, making wreaths or garlands out of it or simply laying it on a table.  It has a simplistic look that makes it a perfect accent to any style.
Making sure you are using the correct eucalyptus is important, some varieties have stronger aromas than others. Baby Blue eucalyptus has the strongest aroma and is most potent when steaming or drying.
Eucalyptus plant potted in white pot
              After a crazy year we have all had, it is important to remain mindful and have that time to relax. Eucalyptus is often made into essential oil because of the calming properties it has. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, promote better sleep and even boost immune systems!  Maybe next time you are feeling the pressures of life, make yourself some tea and smell in the calming scent of eucalyptus.