Gerbera Daisy | Flower Spotlight

Gerbera Daisy | Flower Spotlight

Gerbera Daisies casually known as ‘Gerbs’ are a long time favorite.

Their distinguished circle center and colorful petals are a popular option for florists!

They come in variety of colors such as white, pink, orange, yellow and red. They come in a variety of shaped, sizes and some even come variegated or dyed!

They are native to South Africa but are now loved and grown all over the world!

Gerberas are often grown by seed and will bloom in the spring. They grow best in full sun and well-drained soil.

This is a very popular flower for its long-lasting nature. It is the fifth post used flower in the world. Once fresh cut and placed in water, the Gerbera daisy can last over a week if taken care of properly. The stems should be cut regularly, and the water should be changed every day to ensure longevity.

Because of the focal center, we recommend working in groups of three for a visually appealing piece when gerberas are being used with other flowers.