ZZ plant in a floor basket

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Let's Talk About ZZ Plants!

Just the sound of the ZZ plant makes me want to go to sleep, it might actually make you sleep better too!

When you sleep, you are in a closed room for 8-10 hours so why not make it a healthier environment for yourself? You want your bedroom to be a place you feel healthy and relaxed in. A ZZ plant can help you do just that!
              Higher levels of oxygen in your room while you sleep can help you sleep better and longer. All house plants higher the level of oxygen in an area but a ZZ does especially. We are consistently surrounded by harmful toxins that can affect our health and skin.  NASA realized that if you send people into space, they are going to be consuming large amounts of toxins, with not escape. Their solution? PLANTS! Plants such as the ZZ plants significantly lowered toxins in the air for a better and healthy environment. Plants are one of the most effective air purifiers.
ZZ plant foliage

 Not only does your sleep improve and you may a happier morning, but they are also easy to take care of!

ZZ plants are a hardy tropical plant recognizable for their dark green abundant leaves. They prefer low to indirect light. Water once every week to two weeks, making sure soil is completely dry between watering. They can handle humid to dry air. Wipe leaves weekly to ensure they are free from dust. They are perfect for homes, offices, and studios due to their easy care and adaptable nature.
zz plant care image

Next time someone criticizes you for your garden center amount of plants in your house, tell them NASA approves!