A tall floral arrangement with jewel toned flowers such as roses, hydrangea, orchids, and ameranthus.

Genesee Valley Club Wedding | Lauren + Matthew

Lauren + Matthew's wedding was a stunning display of color. We may be biased, but going all in on your wedding florals is never a mistake! Everything from the arch to the pocket squares were perfectly unified and unique. Our team enjoyed adding a little extra Stacy K Floral glam to the venue at the Genesee Valley Club.
Jewelry and stationary details accented with florals
The bridal bouquet full of draping orchids in pink, purple, and peach.
The bride's shoes detail shot, accented with pink florals.
Groom's pocket square with a pink/peach orchid in the center, accented with purple, pink, and blue florals.
A white welcome poster with jewel toned florals lining the base of the sign.
Bride and father walk down the aisle. Bride holds a bouquet full of orchids. The aisle entrance is lined with a floral arrangement and tree with floral accents. Some flowers shown are orchids, roses, hydrangea, and delphinium. Jewel toned color theme.
Bride and groom stand together with a large floral arch pieces in a jewel toned color palette. MOH holds the bridal bouquet of orchids of to the left.
Photo of the bride and groom at the "altar", lush florals on either side of them.
Groomsmen stand to the right of the groom, hands fold in front. They all wear matching pocket squares of pink, pink, purple, and blue, with green accents.
A large floral arrangement at the entrance to the reception. Florals are pink, purple, peach, blue, and green. Some florals pictured are roses, hydrangea, orchids, and delphinium.
A floral arrangement with jewel toned colors, and florals such as roses, delphinium, hydrangea, and orchids. Greenery drapes down the counter top.
A floral arrangement with jeweltoned colors in a gold compote. Placed on a table with the cocktail hour champagne.
Close up on a small centerpiece on a cocktail table. The florals are pink, blue, and purple. Some florals pictured are roses and hydrangea.
The guest table seating wall is covered in a watercolor floral pattern with fresh floral lining the floor in front. The colors match the jewel tone theme of the wedding and feature roses, hydrangea, orchids, delphinium, greenery, and more.
The sweetheart table has lush florals on the top draping to the floor with large floral arrangements lining the floor in front. The focal florals are pink orchids, and hydrangea/roses/delphinium in pink/blue/purple/peach.
A wide room shot showing the jeweltoned centerpieces, candles, and tableware.
A jewel toned centerpiece on a round table. The tableware is neutral with matching pink napkins.
Close up on a purple glass bud vase with two pink dahlias. A larger floral centerpiece and candles can be seen in the background.
A large raised centerpiece. Lifted on a glass stand. Florals are jeweltoned, featuring hydrangea, roses, orchids, delphinium, and greenery.
The bar is white with a large floral arrangement on either side. They are jeweltoned with hydrangea, orchids, roses, delphinium, and greenery. Wedding at Genesee Valley Club.
Close up on a floor floral arrangement. The colors are blue, peach, pink, purple, and green. Flowers pictured are roses, hydrangea, orchids, delphinium, and assoreted greenery.
The cake is white with floral texture and fresh floral/greenery climbing up the sides.


Hair and Makeup: Jerica Santana
Planner/Coordinator: Celebrated Events