Let's talk about Anthurium! | Houseplant Spotlight

Let's talk about Anthurium! | Houseplant Spotlight

   These bright funky blooms are a studio favorite.

When translated from Greek, Anthurium literally means ‘flowering tail’, pretty appropriate, huh?

They are native to tropical climates such as in Brazil and Guatemala. Like Orchids they grow on and in trees to absorb their nutrients from there. When looking at an Anthurium you would think that the big colored leaf is the flower, however, the flower actually lives on the spike! There are many varieties of Anthurium that grow in tons of different colors.

 They have many distinct features; however, their long-lasting nature is what keeps most coming back. In house plant form the bloom can last up to 6 weeks! Not to mention, once the blooms are cut, they can survive in water for over a month.

The houseplant is an easy-care level plant due to the root system. They require to be potted in peat moss or moss-based soil. They love bright light but do not like to be too close to a window or else they will get sunburned; these babes grow in humid areas so they more humidity the better! Let the soil dry out halfway between watering, the roots are sensitive to overwatering and should never sit in water. The leaves should remain sturdy and if you start to see they are drooping or lighten in color, they are thirsty! Unlike some houseplants, they need a ‘resting’ period where they need little water and attention and are kept in an area that is kept at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Not allowing the plant this time, might force sprouts that are not the color you were expecting. After you see the color of the bloom fading, that means you are approaching the end of the life of the bloom.

vased green anthurium with hydrangea

   Decorating with Anthurium can be a funky addition to your houseplant collection or they can be used in a vased arrangement!