Let's talk about Peonies | Flower Spotlight

Let's talk about Peonies | Flower Spotlight

    These big, bright, and papery blooms are one of the most popular blooms!

Decorating with peonies is a romantic and elegant way to spruce up a table or bedside. They can be used alone in a vased arrangement for a full, bushy look or used with other blooms to add dimension and elegance.  

These spring flowers bloom from April to June and come in variety of colors, such, pink, red and white. There are around 40 species, but once they open are all beautiful just the same. Once fully open, the flower can open to up 10 in wide! In Chinese Peony translates to “most beautiful”, which we totally agree with!

This high end, highly sought-after flower has had this reputation for centuries. Like the rose, peonies have been adorned by royalty in the past. They also have the ability to self-pollinate. In some cultures, Peony leaves are used as a garnish for drinks and desserts because of the sugar like substance they produce. They symbolize romance, love, and honor.  It is an extremely popular wedding flower used for bouquets and centerpieces. It is also considered the official 12th anniversary flower.

     Peonies have a sap that is produced that holds the petals together. In nature, ants will eat the sap off, giving the peonies the ability to open fully. However, when we receive fresh cut peonies, they are often cut prematurely which does not allow them the time to open. An insider trick in the floral community is lightly dipping the heads of the blooms in room temperature water to rinse off the sap.


Their stems should be trimmed, and the flowers should be placed in warm water to assist the blooms in opening. To ensure longevity of the flower blooms, we recommend changing the water every day, and regularly trimming the stems. If taken care of properly, the blooms should last a week in a vase.