Let's talk Anemone | Flower spotlight

Let's talk Anemone | Flower spotlight

    The spring brings many beautiful blooms, including these distinct dark centered blooms.

Anemones are a studio favorite for their unique large dark center. They are popular flower for weddings, bridal bouquets, vased arrangements and gardens.

The Anemones that are grown for our cut flower consumption are the Anemone Corinaria. These gentle, delicate classy flowers can add that needed texture, color, and funk that everyone loves in their flower piece. These babes are sensitive to cold and heat, they open big and wide when they warm up to show us their cool unique center. There 120 species of anemone and they are grown all over the world.  The most common anemone seen is the Japanese Anemone, which is seen the winter and fall in most floral shops.

    Planting Anemones in the garden can be easy because they can handle some winter cold! They do not take up a ton of garden space and bloom mid spring.

     Using these alone in a vased arrangement can be a good way to have a clean, simple look, yet they can be added with other flowers for more dimension.

If kept in a temperate area, the water is changed regularly and the stems are freshly cut often, you should be able to enjoy these blooms for 4 to 5 days. Once the petals start to drop, you can keep the center for some added texture a few days longer.