Let's talk Roses | Flower spotlight

Let's talk Roses | Flower spotlight

       Roses are arguably one of the most popular flowers.

Known for their ruffled look and romantic history, roses are used in a variety of arrangements including vased, bridal and even in petal form.

Their history is almost as colorful as their blooms! Rose colors are often attached to a meaning such as love, hope, loss friendship and more. The rose is believed to be around 35 million years ago (talk about old)! In the 7th century, roses and rose water were used as a form of currency. They were often bartered and were only obtained by the rich.  There are almost 200 varieties all over the globe used for many different reasons. They be enjoyed in a garden plant, a cut flower stem, medicinally and even for body products for the fragrance. Although only garden rose varieties emit a fragrance due to the lack of genetic engineering.

        Many people connect the popular colors of roses to symbolism. Red roses typically symbolize romance and love, the perfect rose for an anniversary, wedding or a just because! White roses are often used for sympathy, weddings, and religious ceremonies. Yellow and orange roses can be used for friendships, new beginnings, and enthusiasm. Lastly pink roses can be used to display gratitude, joy, and thank you. These are just popular connections; however, any color of rose can be used for any occasion!

        Roses are now a very popular flower for gardeners, botanists, and florists due to their hardiness, varieties, and bold full look. Rose varieties vary so greatly, people will often mistake varieties of garden roses to other blooms such as a peony.

There are different popular varieties such spray roses which include many little buds and come in variety of sizes and colors. There are also garden roses that are very fragrant, do better in cooler weather and have a wider ruffled look.

Then there are modern roses which are genetically modified from a hybrid/tea rose. Modern roses are the most prevalent to be seen and sold, this would be the basic rose you typically see.