Lilac it a lot  | Flower spotlight

Lilac it a lot | Flower spotlight

     If you live in a Northern state, specifically New York, you are familiar with Lilacs.

They fill the parks with an immense fragrance that you can not miss!

Rochester, NY, even has a yearly “Lilac festival” to eat good food, listen to local bands and smell and enjoy the beautiful blooms! The spring brings many beautiful blooms including the abundant Lilac. Not to mention the beautiful butterflies they bring to the area. Lilacs come in a few colors such as purple, light purple and almost white. They are hardy, bold and some varieties can grow up to 16 ft tall!

     For the biggest blooms, it is recommended that they get full sun for at least 6 hours and not get overwatered. They do better the following spring when planted in the fall. After some time of having a lilac bush, people will notice the blooms progressively getting smaller, that means it is time to prune. They should be pruned quickly after they bloom for the year.

      Here at the studio in the spring we often get in Lilacs that come in a few different colors. They are great for complimenting other flowers in a bouquet or can be used alone for a full spring look.

Because lilacs have thick woody stems it makes it tough for the blooms to get enough water. It is important to take a pruning knife or pruning shears to shave about one inch up to ensure the lilac is getting the appropriate amount of water to the bloom. Take off any foliage that may touch the water to avoid bacteria growth, and everyday change the water to ensure longevity of the Lilacs.