Lilies | Flower Spotlight

Lilies | Flower Spotlight

Lilies are a full, bloom bursting with color and fragrance and is definitely a go to for us!

There are many different varieties of lilies, but they all still shine just the same.

The lily represents purity, innocence, and virtue, which is why they are often used in religious ceremonies, such weddings, communions, and grave sites. Lilies, however, can be used for any vased arrangement at any time. We often use them for birthday, anniversaries, graduation and just because arrangements. They provide a spectacular aspect and when they fully open, they are a showstopper.
white lilies


Lilies are perennials and will come back to be enjoyed yearly, with very minimal care! There are some varieties of Lilies you are likely to see which include, Asiatic Lilies which bloom early summer and are the shortest stemmed variety. Easter lilies, which bloom in March and April and are mostly kept indoors. Oriental lilies, which have very long stems and a very fragrant bloom. They all have a distinct trumpet style bloom that have pollen in the center.

color vased arrangement

 A florist trick is to remove the lily “dust” and stamens. You should remove them before the lily fully opens. The orange pollen inside stains clothes, hands, and carpets, so making sure you remove this is essential to avoid stains. If the leaves have pollen on them, you can use a pipe cleaner and twist it to slowly and carefully scrape off the remainder of pollen on the leaves.

We love lilies for their durability, bold bloom, and versatility. However, keep these babes away from cats because they are pretty toxic!

                Grab some lilies for you or someone else and smell their fragrance and watch them open to a show stopping flower you sure don’t want to miss!