Mother's Day Gifts We Love at the Store

Mother's Day Gifts We Love at the Store

Sure brunch and a thoughtful card are always an option for mother's day, but its no secret that the best way to show your mom how much you adore her is through a heartfelt, creative gift made just for her.


These hand made necklaces are created right here in our studio and are a perfect way to WOW your mom with a personalized, thoughtful gift on mothers day.

*Pea pods can be created according to the number of pea's you have in your pod*


Another idea we love can also be found in the Studio, Witching Balls!



For a more timeless mother's day present, we think these brooches are completely perfect. The Stacy K Floral studio currently has several different brooch designs, colors, and shapes to help you find the perfect fit for you mother.

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Still stuck for ideas? Visit the studio or call Stacy K Floral to order an arrangement that's sure to show your mom some love.


Mother's Day Gifts We Love