Mums | Flower Spotlight

Mums | Flower Spotlight

Mum is actually short for Chrysanthemums!

These come in all different colors, sizes, and varieties. 

They started to become a popular flower in colonial times where it quickly became the official fall flower. They symbolize different things in different cultures, such as rebirth, friendship, love, respect, and honor. It is a very popular flower all over the world and especially in America. We use mums for weddings, everyday arrangements for birthdays and anniversaries and funerals.

They come in almost every color excluding blue, but they can be dyed blue! They are also very hardy flowers, they can one to two weeks if the water is changed regularly and the stems are trimmed often!

There are tons of mum varieties you may come across like pom mums, football mums, and spider mums. We use mums in most of our arrangements because of their hardy and full nature. They are a great way to add fullness and often a pop of color!

Pompom mums they have a few about one-inch blooms on each stem. They are a great way to add some texture, shape, and fullness to an arrangement. We might use them with other varieties of mums or a mix of seasonal blooms for a vased arrangement.


Spider mums a single bloom stem with many skinny straight petals (kinda like spider legs). These can be used by themselves or we like to use them with other seasonal blooms for a cool texture that the petals provide.

Football mums are round mounded single bloom stems with a fluffy look to them. These ones can be used alone in a vase for a pave style or used with other seasonal blooms.

Mums are such a popular flower and now you know why!

Grab yourself some of these babes and ask about them at our studio because we usually have them in several colors.