Ornamental Kale and Cabbage | Flower Spotlight

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage | Flower Spotlight

These look so good; you almost want to eat them! You totally could, but this variety is more for looks and not food.

Although, they sure do look great in arrangements!    



They come in mostly purple, green, white, and variegated. We often get asked is this is the same as the kale or cabbage you can buy at the store, it is but they specifically make this one “ornamental” and are not concerned with taste, so it would be pretty bland. However, there is a distinction what is considered flowering Kale and flowering Cabbage. The flat leaves with no ruffle are flower cabbage. The ones with ruffles or fringed leaves are flowering kale. Technically they are both Kale, but they do look different.

They should be planted in the fall and taken out after the snow or extreme cold hits. They are annuals so they are a temporary enjoyment in the garden. However, we do get these fresh cut stems in the studio all year long, so no need to worry!

The cut stems we use are extremely durable and can last weeks in a vased arrangement. If the water is changed everyday and the stems are trimmed often, they should hold up a while. We use these with other pretty blooms for a garden look. They provide a bold focal flower when we need one!

Pastel Love - STACY K FLORAL

An inside florist trick is, if they are not opened fully, you can gently start pull the leaves back one by one without tearing the leaves and you suddenly have an open and full bloom!

These can be a talking point in an arrangement for their resemblance to edible kale and cabbage.

So make sure to ask for these interesting babes because we usually have them in stock!