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How's It Growing? | Houseplant Spotlight | Pilea Plant

Let’s talk about Pilea!

The plant lovers new favorite house plant! Pilea are a hardy bright green plant that are known by their signature circle- shaped leaves. They have been taking over social media with their unique spunky shape. Their pancake shaped leaves give this plant an almost futuristic look, like something out of the twilight zone. Not only are they super interesting to look at, but they are also easy to take care of too!
They belong to the perennial evergreen succulent family, which means they store water in their leaves which makes them an awesome addition to your home or office space. They grow extremely quickly, and the shoots that the mother plant creates are called pups! They are often called the sharing plant or the friendship plant because of their ability to propagate. They can handle low or bright light. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Water more frequently during the summer and warmer months. They are safe for animals too!
Propagating has become a popular way to spread your Pilea into new pots or give to friends.
Identifying a pup or shoot should be pretty easy. Once the pup or shoot of the mother plant is identified, you should let it to get to at least 5cm tall before propagating. You will want to grab scissors and cut about an inch or so of roots below the shoot, making sure you are not cutting into the mother plant. Once the roots are cut, carefully pull the shoot up by the roots. After pulling out the shoot, rinse the soil off of the roots and then you are ready to plant it into soil or place into water to let the roots establish more. Then watch it grow!
How to effectively decorate with Pilea in your space!
Adding plants to your space can be a fun and easy way to brighten a room or desk. You could pot your Pilea into a textured or brightly colored pot for a statement piece. Or you could plant it in a natural or terracotta pot and let the Pilea talk for itself! Overall, we understand why Pilea are dominating in the houseplant market.