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Pink and Orange Wedding


This couple, from the first consult was so great to work with. Erich Camping did a spot on job of catching the fun and funky side of this Rochester couple through his photography. It seemed after observing the bridal party on the wedding day that the entire bunch was amazingly talented in some artistic or musical way....so inspiring.

The bride loved warm color tones of yellow, raspberry, orange and the groom loved triangles, concrete, and clean design. We worked together to come up with a concept that complimented both of them and worked within their budget and I really loved the end result. The ceremony was held at the Hochstein School of Music and was soooo pretty and grand!!! The Strathallon Hotel was their venue of choice and from looking at the images it looks as though they had a great time.

While planning this event for their friends and family they were also hard at work opening their new lounge downtown called Decible (you should totally check it out), I don't know how they did all that!!!!rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-07IMG_8613-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-10IMG_4037-600x400 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-13IMG_8812-600x400 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-18IMG_4283-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-21IMG_4545-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-22IMG_9142-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-24IMG_9197-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-29IMG_9444-300x300 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-70IMG_3831-300x300 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-201IMG_8644-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-461IMG_4189-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-679IMG_4719-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-708IMG_9412-370x427 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-710IMG_9417-300x300 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-711IMG_4730-300x300 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-716IMG_9418-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-777IMG_9440-370x640 rochester-ny-wedding-photographer.erich-camping-782IMG_9453-370x640

Pink and Orange Wedding