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Vendors We Heart: Stacy K Floral

Posted by Wedding Window on January 19, 2012

Stunning floral design can be the ultimate way to get a custom look for your wedding day. Whether the focus is on the bouquets, centerpieces or venue decor… flowers have a way of transforming any event. Of course if you want stunning florals, you need a rock star floral designer like the wonderful Stacy K from Stacy K Floral! Based in New York, Stacy has been working with couples to customize their weddings for years! Below is a little more about her along with some gorgeous shots of her designs…

hot pink bridal bouquet

What inspired you to start your business?
While working for other florists I quickly realized that until I owned my own company I couldn’t thoroughly unleash all my creative capabilities. I decided then to get my business/marketing degree so that I could rock out in the business end and the design world as well. The inspiration to open the store came from my parents instilling in me that It’s important to find a job and career that I love to do every day, they didn’t want me to be waiting for the weekend to come on Monday (which out of my first round of college I saw a lot of my friends doing). So my husband and I decide to open the store the first year we were married, so that I would have my happy place to work every day and be able to tell my kids I am getting to do everything I love every day and encourage them to do the same. And we are now due to have a baby boy this January, I am sure he will bring much more inspiration in to my life and my business each and every day as well.

white purple wedding flowers

What options for customization do you offer?
Everything is customized here. We don’t like to create the same thing twice so we will take inspiration and tweak to accommodate each client’s needs.

If you could give one tip to couples who are planning a wedding, what would it be?
Enjoy it!!! Let your imagination take over, you don’t have to do everything that’s been done before, start a new tradition.

What is something that most people don’t know about your biz/you?
I still get nervous even after 16 years in the industry before delivering each and every event. I take dealing with someone’s once in a life time affair very seriously.

What is your one must-have item/product/tool to have on-hand when you’re working?
Red landscape snips and my floral knife. I am lost without either of them……and my iphone so I can keep track of emails coming in.

floral boutonniere

If you had to choose one word to describe yourself/your business what would it be?
Fun or Inspire. If it’s not fun we need to change it up. Our phrase “ Sure it’s great to be inspired but it’s much more fun to be inspirational.”

5 Things that make you happy?
Anything design
My super supportive husband
My rocking staff

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