Queen Protea | Flower Spotlight

Queen Protea | Flower Spotlight

   The Queen protea is not known for being boring or understated.

This magnificent flower brings attention to any floral piece it is in. This bloom is a signature flower at the studio for its unique and fascinating look.

We often put these in bridal bouquets to add depth and a focal point, this will definitely be a talking point on your big day!

protea bridal bouquet

These babes are not new to the flower world, they actually date back more than 300 million years! They are native to South Africa but are now grown in Australia and South America. There are over 1500 species and proteas vary a lot in color and variety. It got the royal name “Queen Protea” from the similarity to a crown. It is considered the national flower of South Africa and it appears on many of their official documents. These flowers are definitely one of the toughest. Not only do they last a very long time in flower arrangements, but they can also withstand wildfires!

These beauties often symbolize uniqueness and being different. They can turn heads with futuristic look.

      Queen Proteas can be used in many different ways, they can be added to vased arrangements or can be hung upside down and be dried! Once they are dried, they can be enjoyed forever if they are not touched too often.

       Decorating with proteas is an excellent conversation starter. You can enjoy them in a cut flower arrangement alone for a few weeks and then can be used in many other ways. They can be made into wreaths, garlands or made into a dried arrangement. These can be so versatile and a funky addition to any home!