The Story Behind the Flowers

Like any florist that does daily deliveries, we come across dozens of requests to create and send arrangements. It's part of our job, and we absolutely love it. But one of the things that sets us apart from other florists is our love for the story behind the flowers. A little over a week ago, we received an online inquiry requesting information on our daily arrangements and the process in which they are created. The request came from a young man who lives in Canada and wanted to ask a girl in Rochester to attend his prom. He explained to us that he was going to write a letter for us to attach to the flowers telling her to look at the classifieds in the local paper. He then told us that he took out an ad in the Democrat and Chronicle physically asking her to be his date. The icing on the cake was the day this wonderful story was going to unfold also happened to be her birthday!

Now, we come across wonderfully heart-felt stories like this all the time, but there was one incident that made this boy's request stand out. The day we were to deliver the arrangement, we heard through the grapevine that a local news station came across the ad, and with the help of social media located the parties involved and picked up the story. If you would like to see the footage of her reaction, here is the video that aired on the 5:00p news on Channel 10 in Rochester!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But He's Just Looking for One

What a unique way to ask your date to prom. Don't you think?