This is Ranunculus |  Flower spotlight

This is Ranunculus | Flower spotlight

      These ruffled, round tissue paper-like beauties can brighten anyone’s day!

Ranunculus is a high-end bloom that are popular for bridal bouquets and can provide that added movement to any vased arrangement.

They come in many colors such as peach, white, pink, burgundy, red, and even variegated! These beauties are perennials that come from Asia and Europe. When they are planted in the garden, they often come in bulbs and bloom late spring, early summer. These bulbs can be plants can be planted in the fall for blooming in the spring. They prefer semi-moist soil and bright sun for the happiest flowers. After the end of the season when the blooms and foliage die off (I know, sad), you will need to dig out the bulbs. Over the winter, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place for an easy and successful spring indoor pot until the frosts are over where they can be planted in the garden once again.

     You can also purchase these as cut blooms. They can last up to 10 days in a vased arrangement if the water is changed regularly and the stems are trimmed regularly. You will want to carefully, (these blooms are super sensitive to rough touch) remove the petals at the bottom of the flower when they begin to wilt when appropriate. Making sure there is not any foliage in the water because this can cause bacteria in the water and cause premature death of these beautiful blooms.

       Decorating with ranunculus indoors is easy because they speak for themselves. You can place them alone in a vase for a simple, clean look or mix them with some larger blooms for a variety of shape and color.

We are excited to see how you incorporate Ranunculus into your home, garden, or even bridal bouquet!