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Top 5 Reasons to Always Choose Real Flowers for Your Wedding Day
Guest post by Ryan Martin from Modernize
When it comes to planning your wedding day, it can seem as if there are hundreds (if not thousands) of decisions to be made. While you might end up having to compromise once or twice during this decision making process, we at Modernize think that a beautiful, real floral design is something that should not be sacrificed. Here are five of the top reasons to stay away from artificial flower arrangements on your wedding day. You can tell the difference While there are undoubtedly advantages to choosing artificial flowers for some events, there really is nothing like the real thing. While the design behind artificial flowers has come a long way from the hard, plastic-like artificial flowers of our past, real flowers are still softer, more delicate, and more realistic than their artificial counterparts. If you’re looking for something to really wow your guests and make your day extra special, we would choose real floral designs every time.
Real flowers smell fantastic For most of us floral lovers out there, this is one of the sticking points behind our decision to choose real over artificial. Though some may argue that you can use essential oils and other fragrances to scent your artificial bouquets and arrangements, there is no way that these can compare to the powerful fragrances given off by real flowers. For those who want a beautifully scented wedding, real flowers are the answer, hands down. You only get married once Whether or not this is is true, the fact remains that you will only celebrate this particular special day once in your lifetime, and you deserve to make it unforgettable. Real floral arrangements and bouquets turn an average wedding into an affair to remember (and with a super talented florist like Stacy K, we can guarantee that your guests will be talking about the flowers for a long time to come).
It’s tradition While many of us like to think that our idea of the perfect wedding day is something unique and one of a kind, there are traditional aspects to any wedding celebration that can’t be forgotten. Using real flowers is just as much a part of the wedding tradition as cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, and walking down the aisle with your father. If tradition is something that is important to you when it comes to your wedding, real is definitely the way to go. Support small and independent businesses
One of the most important reasons to choose real floral arrangements over artificial bouquets is all about supporting small and local businesses. Unless you’re ordering exotic varieties from multinational corporations for your big day, you’re likely to be dealing with local florists. Stacy K opened her floral design studio in 2010 and, like thousands of other independent floral business owners out there, has relied on the support of local clients to maintain and grow her business. Keep your own local floral design businesses alive by choosing stunning bouquets and arrangements rather than artificial ones for your special day.