Tulips | Flower Spotlight

Tulips | Flower Spotlight

Tulips are a Popular spring bloom that brings a little sunshine to our day!

They bloom in the spring here in New York, but we have them all year long in the studio from around the world.

This bloom has a rich history in the Netherlands and Turkey. There are still festivals and celebrations to enjoy and celebrate tulips. There is even a tulips museum in Amsterdam! The tulip has evolved through cultures as a basic wildflower to an expensive and highly sought-after flower. It is one of the most popular and distinguished blooms all over the world.

Throughout the spring months, we see these colorful bright babes pop up. They are one of the first signs of spring because they are one of the first flowers to bloom. In the hope of March, we see their little heads start to pop up.

They can last a few weeks once in full bloom.

We see tulips mostly around Easter time which makes them a perfect celebration flower. However, they symbolize love which also makes them perfect for anniversaries and birthdays.

They can be planted in the fall for an early spring bloom in a garden or cut in placed in a vase.

We love to do simple vased arrangements of just tulips for a modest and contemporary look.

Their stems continue to stretch after they are placed in water, so make sure they are trimmed often, and their water is switched regularly as well. As insider florist trick is to add a copper penny to the vased arrangement because the copper slows the rate of growth of the stems.

The tulip like all spring blooms is a symbol of hope and rebirth, so next time you see these babes in stock we recommend bringing home some or sending some happy tulips!