Unique floral containers

Unique floral containers


It's that time of year again what we start to research new glass and gift items that are unique and different. In our searches we came across a few we just had to share.......and remember you can always bring in your favorite vessels for us to fill for you :-) This vase above is design by Marcel Wanders, they are called the snotty vase......why you might ask. Well he examines what snot looks like under a microscope after it comes out of your noses and builds pottery out of the shapes he sees......gross right but they look awesome!!!

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These vases are designed by Anika Engelbrecht and are pretty fun.....they are called the swell vase. Basically they are a vase with holes in them, these holes allow a balloon to "swell" through the hole when inserted at the top and filled with water. You can constantly reinvent the container and find several color combination to play with......cool right?


This company we LOVE!!! The colors the shapes MMMMMM....need I say more!!!

Tsunami Glassworks


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Last but not least we found some awesome stuff close to home.......our very own Rochester Based Elisabeth bigjars1-300x300 bluegreen2 greensorangesLyon Glass has some amazing colors, sizes, and shapes of glass vessels and art work, she does custom work as well. Her studio, More Fire Glass Studio also teach glass making how cool to learn how to make the vase you present a floral gift in. Now that's personalization!!!!

Unique Floral Containers