Valentine's Day Tips | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Since the fabulous holiday of love is quickly approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to offer tips on helping get the most "bang for your buck" this Valentine's Day.

1. Choose colors other than red.

Red fresh floral skyrockets in cost globally during the season due to such a high demand and such a limited supply. By choosing colors other than red (ie. purples, pinks, whites, etc) you would get the same romantic look for perhaps a lower cost to you.


2. Skip the chocolates and get a more lasting gift instead.

With everyone being more health conscious these days (especially since we are all still trying to shed the holiday weight ;)), instead of spending that extra cash on chocolates and candy go for a more intriguing gift idea. Architecturally interesting Twoolies are and eye-catching alternative to fattening sweets. You can't go wrong... they look amazing, are recycled creations, and will last forever! Unlike that box of truffles ;)


3. Incorporate unique live plants with an arrangement.

By adding an out-of-the-ordinary live plant to your gift, it allows for the present to keep on giving! After the fresh floral has been enjoyed, and the perishable extras are consumed, the live plant will still be thriving! Air plants can be added to a fresh floral arrangement or given as an additional gift for that extra surprise!


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Floral: Martha Stewart Twoolies and Airplant: Stacy K Floral