What in carnation! | Flower Spotlight

What in carnation! | Flower Spotlight

      These unique underrated goddesses are a team favorite.

They are durable, ruffled and just a fun flower to look at!

This ancient bloom has been around for centuries. They look like a dollop of whipped cream and smell like cloves. They have an extremely life span once cut into a fresh stem. When translated it translated to mean “flower of love”. They are often considered a filler flower; however, they are so much more than that. They come in a variety of natural colors and tons of funky dyed colors as well! They are considered the official flower of Mother’s Day but are used in arrangements all year long. In recent years carnations have been reinvented by dip dyeing and the dyeing them for a fun and funky colored flower.

Carnations can be used alone in a vased arrangement for a fluffy pave style or used with other blooms for a pop of color!

An inside florist trick is, if your carnation needs to be enjoyed quickly, lightly start from the middle and pull your fingers back in all directions to give it a quick fluff.  Once freshly trimmed and placed in water, the water should be changed every day, and the stems should be trimmed often to ensure limited bacteria in the water. If taken care properly, carnations can last a week or two.