What's Poppin'? Poppies | Flower Spotlight

What's Poppin'? Poppies | Flower Spotlight

 Poppies popping with color! Poppies are an extremely delicate flower with tissue paper like petals.

Their stems often have a funky shape, making them perfect for movement in a bridal bouquet or a vased arrangement. 

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People have been having fun with poppies for thousands of years, even when the dinosaurs were around and there are now hundreds of varieties! Their many varieties can be found growing in the Asian tundras to hot the California desert.  The most popular varieties are Icelandic poppies which are not actually from Iceland, they grow in cooler temperature areas in different parts of the world such as Europe and parts of North America. Another variety is Red poppies that are a symbol for veterans who served in the world wars. It is celebrated on May 22nd to remind Americans of those who have sacrificed, for freedom. People will often wear a red poppy on their shirt on this day.  Also, there is the Instagram famous, California Poppies that can survive in 90-degree weather, they grow in California and parts of Mexico.  The California poppies have an enchanting look when they are growing in a large California field.

This diverse flower does not just look pretty, but you may find its seeds on your next bagel! Poppy seeds used in baking and cooking are harvested from poppy pods that we often have for sale in our studio! The seeds of a poppy have been used medicinally for thousands of years. They were often smashed and used as medicine in times of war to dull pain or wounds. There were even temples created back 6000 years ago painted and carved with these highly sought-after flowers and seeds.

poppies in an arrangement

     Poppies are a unique cut flower because they thrive being harvested before the bud even opens! When these arrive at the studio, they are often still in their guard foliage surrounding the bloom. You can remove these coverings to assist the bloom in opening but be careful because the petals rip easily!

The stems produce a thick milky substance when cut and need to place in hot water to treat them. Once opened, fully enjoy these blooms because they do not last long. The petals begin to shed within a day or so especially if it is warmer in the house.