You are looking sharp | Cactus spotlight

You are looking sharp | Cactus spotlight

These prickly plants have a harsh outside but are just as sweet as other plants.


cactus houseplant garden

There are thousands of varieties, and they come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are one of the oldest plants, dating back 50 million years ago and did not differ much from the modern cactus varieties we know today. You may think that these prickly wonders are only found in the desert, however, one variety has been found growing at an elevation of over 11,000 feet in chilly mountains.

cactus houseplants


What makes Cactus so unique is their ability to hold water. They evolved overtime creating a root system that is very close to the surface, which allows quick access to the water. The plant holds water and slowly shrinks the longer they go without water, which in the desert can be months. They are one of the only plants that, if water becomes unavailable, they will become dormant and use their resources so minimally that it is almost nonexistent. They produce protective barriers such as thorns or “fuzz” to create shade for themselves and create a barrier for animals that might want to eat them.

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   How do you take care of these unique prickly pears? Well, to put it plainly, easily. Cactus is one of the easiest plants to take care, they only need water once a month or when they appear to be extremely dry. They hold water for so long, that watering is few and far between. They need bright light, similar to what they would have in the desert! So, do not be afraid to put them by a window.



Decorating with cactus can be fun and funky! They come in so many shapes and sizes, so indoor cactus gardens mixed with succulents for a centerpiece or lonesome on a windowsill is a great and easy way to add life to a space. Not to mention, they are a conversation piece for sure.

Cactus garden

Do not deprive your home or office of some funk that a cactus can provide.