Stacy K Floral | Florist Rochester NY | The Fall Gift Box is filled with seasonal goodies. Seasonal flowers including colors orange, yellow, taupe, and red are paired with Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bars and a seasonal scented candle. Only 5 left!
The Tried & True Small Tin Candle by Illume features a decorative label with seasonally inspired illustrations, making it the perfect gift. Sold out
Stacy K Floral | The Illume Demi Tin Candle is a luxury scented candle with a 20 hour burn time. Sold out
Petite Winter Lux - STACY K FLORAL Sold out

Stacy K

Petite Winter Lux

Sold out

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Only 7 left!
Illume cassia and clove candle Only 1 left!
Illume North Sky candle Sold out
Only 2 left!
Birch and Snapdragons - STACY K FLORAL Sold out