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The Petite Vahz Floral Subscription

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The Petite Vahz Floral Subscription consists Stacy K Floral signature style blooms in a petite side table side arrangement. Delivered to you in a frequency that you prefer.  Just simply select the style you prefer, the price point, the color pallet, and the frequency.  We will take care of the rest.  

The Boho: often consists of dried elements like pampas grass, and palm fans.  It will have a loose flowing wild flower organic vibe to you. 

Organic Luxe: Focuses on an assortment of plant materials and blooms designed in an elevated way.  Think taking a walk trough the forest and collecting unique botanicals and creating a dreaming arrangement for your enjoyment in your living space. 

Bespoke Garden Style: Think your favorite baroque painting brought to life.  Full of lush garden blooms designed in an elevated full way. 

Modern Pave:  Perfect for the minimalist that prefers several stems of the same blooms designed in a very clean modern way.  Often consists of groupings and no more than 3 to 4 bloom types. 

Treat Yourself or Give as a Gift, and Enjoy!!

(Images reference the style of each description but not the price points.)

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