The Flower Bar Candle | An iridescent candle with a simple light yellow label that reads "Stacy K Floral, Floral, Gifts, Decor, Fleurish Co.".
The Flower Bar Candle | A close up on the candle lid and label. The top of the label reads "The Flower Bar, Lilac, Jasmine, Pear",

The Flower Bar Candle

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The Flower Bar Candle | A Stacy K Floral Exclusive candle, made in collaboration with Fleurish Co. candle company. Fleurish Co. is based right out of our new Design Lab, right here at Stacy K Floral.

Their goal is to fill your home with carefully crafted scents using the most trusted natural ingredients and essential oils. These soy candles are hand poured in their Rochester, New York based studio.

The Flower Bar Scent: Lilac + Jasmine + Pear, a fresh scent that would remind any Rochester native of home.

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