Plant Animals | Flamingo | Playful creatures for your plants! A brass flamingo against green packaging.
Plant Animals | Damselfly (like dragonfly but smaller). A brass damselfly against green packaging.

Plant Animals Creatures for Your Plants

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Plant Animals | Plant Animals are a delightful way to make your own tropical jungle. 

Flamingo - Another Studio's flamboyant Plant Animal Flamingo is intricately etched in brass with delicate feathered details. The Flamingo stands proud in your terrarium or plant pot, by simply pushing it into the soil.

Damselfly - Add some whimsy to your indoor jungle with our dainty Damselfly (like a Dragonfly, but smaller). She will look charming perching on a plant stem or a giant leaf. Simply bend her legs and slide her on.

Per unit: 1 x Brass Plant Animal approx 8.2L X 4W cm.
Made from corrosion-resistant brass.
Packaging: FSC Paper with a biodegradable cellophane wrap - 15 x 5cm

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