"You're Incredible" Pop-Open Cards | Pop-open cards to share with kids. A white box with yellow, blue, and pink illustrations. Open example card, "You're incredible, inside and out and through and through."

"You're Incredible" Pop-Open Cards

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"You're Incredible" Pop-Open Cards | Support a child every step of the way with these encouraging pop-open cards. Tuck one into a lunch box, a pocket, or a backpack, and let each hidden message add delight to their day. 

Inside this playful set are 30 messages to inspire happy feelings and build self-confidence. They’re ready to be used by parents, teachers, and coaches alike.

Each card features empowering sentiments like:

You’re a pocketful of awesomeness.

You’re more super than a superhero.

You shine like a whole snowstorm of sparkles.

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