Good Lolli Lollipops | A transparent red lollie with what looks like watermelon seeds on the inside. Photo taken with real watermelon against a wooden background.
Good Lolli Lollipop Glazed Donut. Lollipop picture taken on a wooden background with glazed donuts placed around decoratively.
Good Lolli Gummi Bear Lollipop. Transparent lollipop with a gummi bear inside. Photo taken on a wooden backdrop with gummi bears placed decoratively around.
Good Lolli Candy Apple Lollipop. Red lollipop with apple chunks inside. Photo taken on wood background with apple slices placed decoratively around.
Good Lolli Oreo Lollipop. Transparent lollipop with oreo pieces inside.
Good Lolli Banana Custard Lollipop. Yellow transparent lollipop with banana chunks on the inside. Photo taken on wooden background with bananas and vanilla wafers place decoratively around.
Good Lolli Orange Lollipop. Orange transparent lollipop photo taken against wooden background with decorative orange slices.
Good Lolli Dragonfruit Lollipop. Purple/Magenta color lollipop with dragonfuit pieces, photo taken against wooden backdrop with dragonfuit pieces placed decoratively around.
Good Lolli Blue Razz Lollipop. Transparent blue lollipop against light backdrop with blue/clear sugar shards placed decoratively around.
Good Lolli Bubble Gum Lollipop. Pink Lollipop with small bubble gum ball, photo taken with several multicolor gum balls in the background.
Good Lolli Unicorn Lollipop. Purple Lollipop with small multicolor vanilla chips placed devoratively in the background.
Good Lolli Sea Salted Caramel Lollipop | A caramel colored lollipop with pieces of caramel and salt. Photo taken against a wooden background with caramel and salt placed around.
Good Lolli Lollipops | Pink Lemonade | A transparent pink lolli with a piece of lemon inside. Photo taken with a lemon and glass of pink lemonade in the background.
Good Lolli Lollipops | Coffee | A transparent lolli with coffee beans inside. Photo taken against a white background with coffee beans placed about.
Good Lolli Lollipops | Mojito | A transparent lolli with a piece of lime and mint inside. Photo taken with a lime and dried mint in the background.
Good Lolli Lollipops | Margarita | A transparent lollipop with a lime piece and a salt rim. Photo taken with limes, salt, and a margarita in a glass.
Good Lolli Lollipops | Ripe Strawberry | A transparent red lollipop with a piece of dried strawberry in the inside. Photo taken against a wood background with pieces of freeze dried strawberry.
Good Lolli Lollipops | Toasted Marshmallow | A transparent lolli with mini marshmallows inside. Toasted marshmallows and tiny marshmallows strewn about.
Good Lolli Lollipops
Good Lolli Lollipops | Strawberry Cheesecake | A transparent pink lolli with pieces of strawberry and cheesecake inside.

Good Lolli Lollipops

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Good Lolli Lollipops | Perfect addition to a gift box! Also kids love them ;) All of the Good Lolli flavors are Diacetyl-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Vegan, Nut and Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Unsweetened, with Zero Carbs, Zero Sugars, and Zero Calories. 

This is a 2" lollipop on a 4mm wooden stick. These are individually wrapped in a crystal clear packing with full labeling and barcoding for your system.

Banana Custard - Bits of bananas.

Blue Razz - Top seller, fan favourite!

Bubble Gum - Bubble Gum Flavor with real pieces of gum inside.

Candy Apple - Bits of apples and the classic candy apple flavor.

Coffee - Bits coffee beans.

Dragonfruit - Bits of real dragonfruit. 

Glazed Donut - This tastes and smells just like a glazed donut.

Gummi Bear - Random gummy bear inside in this 2" lollipop.

Margarita - Salt and Lime rim this wonderful Margarita Lollipop.

Mojito - Lime and mint.

Orange - Bits of real oranges.

Oreo - Bits of real Oreo's inside.

Pink Lemonade - Bits of lemon

Ripe Strawberry - Bits of real strawberries.

Sea Salt Caramel - Amazing Caramel flavor with bits of real caramel and sea salt

Strawberry Cheesecake - Bits of real cheesecake and strawberries.

Toasted Marshmallow - Toasted Marshmallow is a fall favorite with the perfect mix of marshmallow and fireside.

Unicorn - Freeze dried vanilla ice cream inside!

Watermelon - Sugar, corn syrup, natural color, flavoring and flavor specific bits that will taste just like a watermelon! 

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