Savannah Bee Company Acacia Raw Honey, 12oz jar. Clear jar with blue and cream packaging.
Savannah Bee 12 oz Honey Jar | Orange Blossom | A tall glass container with a simple label, decorated with the SBC logo. 12 oz.
Savannah Bee 12 oz Honey Jar - STACY K FLORAL
Savannah Bee 12 oz Honey Jar - STACY K FLORAL

Honey Jar 12 oz | Savannah Bee Company

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Savannah Bee 12 oz Honey Jar | Savannah Bee Company prides itself for the purity and cultivation of its honey.

Acacia - With vanilla notes and a luminous pale hue, our premium Raw Acacia Honey touches the palate with delicate perfection. Known for its distinct clarity and resistance to crystallization, this single-varietal gem comes from honey harvested from the forests of black locust trees that grow from Northern Italy to Ukraine.

Orange Blossom - Bright and sweet as just-picked fruit, our Orange Blossom Honey brings a juicy citrus aroma to drinks and foods, especially baked goods. The bees visit the vast blooming orange groves of central Florida to bring you this sunshine in a jar!

Tupelo - Buttery undertones with a soft vanishing sweetness. A favorite in tea but this golden honey is great to brush on pastries or fresh bread for an added sweetness to anything you want to elevate in culinary stature.

Lavender - Mild and subtly complex. Herbaceous and fruity with floral notes. Delicious with fruit, ice cream, and baked goods.


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