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Savannah Bee Company prides itself for the purity and cultivation of its honey.

Tupelo - Buttery undertones with a soft vanishing sweetness. A favorite in tea but this golden honey is great to brush on pastries or fresh bread for an added sweetness to anything you want to elevate in culinary stature.

Lavender - Mild and subtly complex. Herbaceous and fruity with floral notes. Delicious with fruit, ice cream, and baked goods.

Bee Cause Honey - Robust flavor that varies with the season. Substitute for sugar when cooking or great on the grill. Your Bee Cause Honey purchase helps fund the installation of observation hives in schools across America.

Honey For Cheese - Incredibly bright, sharp, and crisp. Rounded but complex taste. Drizzle over piquant Danish Blue Cheese. Tame the tang of a creamy Roquefort and brightly complement salty Manchego or an aged Gouda. Delightful with fruit, especially berries.