Assorted Beaded Keychains | Silicone beaded keychain with marbled beads and a single pink bead. Photo shows one displayed bracelet with a few more placed on the table. There is a plant in the background of the photo.
Assorted Beaded Keychains | A natural and olive colored keychain bracelet. There are white, olive green, marbled, and wooden beads. Accented with a silver key ring and white tassel.
Assorted Beaded Keychains | A peach, gray, and pink speckled keychain bracelet with a good key ring and pink/gray tassel.
Assorted Beaded Keychains | A gray and speckled keychain bracelet. Accented with a gold keyring and a white tassel. (Some colors may vary with this item).
Assorted Beaded Keychains | White silicone beaded keychain with wooden bead accents, and a gold key ring.
Assorted Beaded Keychains | A tan silicone beaded keychain bracelet with wooden accents and a gold key ring.

Assorted Beaded Keychains

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Assorted Beaded Keychains | The silicone Beads are made from food grade silicone,
natural wood beads, and different colored silicone beads. The metal attachments for keys and the tassel colors differ based off of the bracelet. 


Marble and Pink

Natural and Olive

Peach and Gray Speckled

Gray and Speckled (Pattern may vary from photo)


Dark Tan

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