Assorted Sticky Notes | thank you for shopping small | A sticky note decorated with strawberries and hearts. The middle is white with faint strawberry lines and the text "thank you for shopping small".
Assorted Sticky Notes | Who Am I Kidding? | A white sticky note with a multi lined color border. Text reads "Who Am I Kidding?"
Assorted Sticky Note | insanely great thoughts & ideas | Decorated sticky not with rainbow pattern of yellow, orange, red, purple, and light yellow.
Assorted Sticky Notes | Plans For World Domination: | The outside of these sticky notes are decorated with orange, purple, and white marble pattern.
Assorted Sticky Notes | Calm Your Tits | Decorated with black an white polka dots and pink florals.
Assorted Sticky Notes | productive as fuck | Decorated with colorful lines and squares at the border. Text is in black.

Assorted Sticky Notes

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Assorted Sticky Notes | Do you have some Insanely Great Thoughts?? Jot them down on these fun Sticky Notes! Bic Brand Notepads with 25 sheets. Each sheet is sticky and has the design on it.

We love to use these sticky notes as additions to gift boxes, or even stocking stuffers!


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